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Our comprehensive federal and state search of $209 is the most competitive in the industry.


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Trademarks, Etc. and founder Haig Fisher has been with me through the growth of my company. They have been especially helpful in organizing my trademark names and very efficiently getting me registered. Haig is very easy to work with and is very organized in taking something that sometimes looks daunting and simplifying it. Thank you so much for all your work over the many years!
Dr. Judy Rosenberg, Psychological Healing Center
When it was time to trademark our name, I had nowhere to go. Luckily, I was connected through a friend to Haig Fisher and Trademarks, Etc. and that changed everything. My experience with Trademarks, Etc. has been nothing short of amazing. Haig and his team helped us secure so many valuable trademarks through a very painless process. Somehow, he's found a way to simplify the process and make securing new trademarks a breeze. The consistent follow up on each new trademark is so on point that we treat him a member of our team.
Trevor Jones, Flex Watches
I’ve been working with Mr. Haig Fisher for many years. He is prompt, professional and always delivers as he promises. We get better service at a fraction of the price. He is the best in the trademark business.
Craig MacBean, Ostbye
Trademarks, Etc. has provided excellent service for TrueVision’s intellectual property needs for over 10 years. The Trademarks, Etc. team is very effective and cost efficient in successfully registering dozens of trademarks for us. I look forward to working with Haig and Robert for the next 10 years. You guys are great and we appreciate your experience and professionalism.
Rob Reali, TrueVision Systems, Inc.
I’ve been working with Trademarks, Etc. for years now. They are a great company which provide great personal service. I have secured several trademarks through them and their attorney. I would recommend them to any business, large or small.
Moshe Laniado, Swimsuits for All
Trademarks Etc. is a great company to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable, reliable, affordable, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Trademarks Etc. to anyone.
Vanessa Rivers, CEO of Happy Endingz Lingerie
Trademarks Etc. assisted me swiftly and easily. Being a small business owner means that you have many tasks to oversee. It was a pleasure to work with Trademarks Etc. Since then, I have recommended this company to 3 other small business owners. Their experiences were just as beneficial as my own. I am proud to recommend Trademarks Etc. to anyone.
Lindsey Mickelson, Cmnd-Z Clothing
Dear Trademarks, Etc. I wanted to let you know how helpful you were in assisting me. I experienced fast and courteous service and was amazed at how smooth and inexpensive your service was. I would highly recommend Trademarks, Etc. to anyone.
Quinn S. Spalding, Santa Ynez Shavings Co.
Over the past 6.5 years, Trademarks Etc. and their attorney have helped us protect all legal marks at Pura Vida Bracelets. By having these marks, we are able to scale and grow our business into any category we see fit. Haig and his team have been there for us since day 1 and we will always work with them for all trademark searches and filing.
Griffin Thall, Pura Vida Bracelets
Working with Haig Fisher and Trademarks, Etc. was amazing! His expertise in navigating the US Patent and Trademark Office sets him apart as he steered me in directions to save me time and most importantly - money from failed attempts to get my trademark through. His communication is clear, compassionate and professional, and I felt I was in safe hands the whole time. He updated me at every step of the way, and we edited as necessary, but the proof is in the pudding, as we easily got my trademark to the finish line! Thank you Trademarks, Etc. and thank you Haig Fisher.
Tracy Poindexter Thomas, The Fertility Assure Program
I have been a client of Trademarks, Etc. for over 10 years. They are not only experts in this area, but also extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. I trust all of my trademark needs to them and highly recommend them and their services.
Camille DeSantis, Signava, LLC
Dear Trademarks, Etc. I wanted to let you know how helpful you were in assisting me. I experienced fast and courteous service and was amazed at how smooth and inexpensive your service was. I would highly recommend Trademarks, Etc. to anyone.
Quinn S. Spalding, Santa Ynez Shavings Co.

How We Started

jerry maguire movie poster"Show Me the Money!"

Many years ago our founder, Haig Fisher who lives in Santa Barbara, had been down on his luck personally and financially when he had an idea that turned everything around. A single thought changed his entire life.

It was in December 1996 when Fisher went to see the movie, “Jerry Maguire.”  During the telephone scene when Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding, Jr. were yelling “Show Me The Money” at each other, it quickly dawned on Fisher that this could become a very big catch phrase. He realized that “Show Me The Money” might soon be something uttered by millions of people across the nation, similar to the way the Wendy’s hamburger chain’s phrase “Where’s The Beef” took the nation by storm in 1984.

Without any delay Fisher literally ran out of the theater to trademark the phrase “Show Me The Money.”

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